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My walk with Jesus as a Reiki Practitioner

How does Reiki fit with Christianity?

How do I personally see this as part of my walk with Jesus?

Many people ask me these questions and what Reiki is, and what I do when I share Reiki.

Reiki is energy that comes from Source, our Creator, God. It is “spiritually guided life force energy.” Reiki energy is unconditional love and as it flows through me into another we are both healed. The source for the spiritually guided life force is the Holy Spirit.

I was recently asked how Reiki fits with Christianity. The Reiki Art is not a religion or affiliated with any religious beliefs. It is available to everyone, just as everyone can love and show compassion. Through Reiki, my relationship with Christ has strengthened. I have been honored to be an instrument for God’s healing touch.

Usually before I start a Reiki session I will ask my client what it is they would like me to work on, (pray for) physical, emotional, or a spiritual issue, and then I ask that God use my mind, heart and hands as instruments of love and healing. I ask that God’s love flow to the client’s body where there is need for healing and into those areas of their spiritual and emotional life in need of balance and wholeness. Because I do not know fully where these areas are, I trust that God who lives within them will complete the work I have asked Him to do “for their highest good”. God knows where the healing is ultimately needed! This is one of the magnificent gifts of Reiki – “letting go and letting God”. Reiki has taught me daily that God knows and loves my clients (and me) far more than I can imagine and the outcome is wonderfully amazing.

The results far exceed my own expectations and most days I am awe-struck and deeply thankful since I know I didn’t do the healing – I was only the human instrument creating the space for God to be present. I am just a conduit. It is the Holy Spirit who heals through me. I feel the Reiki energy in different ways through my hands. Sometimes it’s hot, tingly, pressure, even pain. These are clues to me that the area my hands are above needs Reiki energy….: the Holy Spirit’s healing energy.

Some clients report feeling Jesus’ presence and the touch of His hands; some have felt hands messaging where needed, or felt hands pressing down - where I was not, others have told me they have felt like they were being held and embraced in love. Many have experienced diminished physical pain, and others explain it as feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful.

It is in these moments that I also am healed and my own heart is opened to the power of love. I believe there are many paths to healing, but the Reiki path is the one I have been lead to, and with the Lord’s help, support, and encouragement, and through those people He places on my path I am able to be present and used as a conduit in the healing process called Reiki. I often look to Reiki energy as a path similar to what Jesus did. Jesus performed many miracles in his life, and many of these healings were accomplished by the laying on of hands, as well as healing others from a distance. The Bible clearly indicates that he did healing by laying on hands and also indicated that we could do the same. The teachings of Jesus, as well as the example he set, are a great inspiration for us.

Jesus Himself told us in Mark 16:18 "....and they will be able to place their hands on the sick and heal them”. And in John 14:12 Jesus said that "I tell you most solemnly, whoever believes in me will perform the same works as I do myself, he will perform even greater works because I go to the Father."

How awesome is that? That we have been giving this gift of Reiki to share that promotes physically, emotionally, and spiritually healing!!

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