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Guided Meditations


Life can have its challenges of anxiety and stresses from juggling finances, career, family, our health and social life, which can take a toll on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  We can't be our best when we are bogged down with worry.

Meditation helps relieve anxiety and worry and replaces it with inner peace and tranquility, restoring balance and helping us reclaim our inner life force.

Once a month I offer a Guided Meditation in the Garden where we experience deep healing breathing, and are guided through beautiful visualization meditations, while experiencing nature around us.

In my Guided Meditation you will learn that you actually have the power to access everything that you need to get through your day, and unwind from over-stimulation and demands.

Come join us on our adventure of letting go of stresses, and rejuvenating yourself with peace, joy and love!  

Our next Guided Meditations in the Garden

 Since 2022 I have merged the Reiki Circles and the Guided Meditations at the Park.

Please see Reiki Circles page for more details and dates.

I also offer Private Guided Meditations and Group Guided Meditations.  Please contact me to make an appointment.

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