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"Margey Whalen is a woman of tremendous spiritual sensitivity and insight.  Her ambition is to serve with tender regard and nurturing support.  Since I have come to know and love her, I have observed her care for her family, and all whom she touches, with true compassion and concern; qualities shared with genuine sincerity.  Her enthusiasm about healing and loving is manifest in her Reiki training course where she creates a serene environment for learning and healing.  The course itself becomes a vehicle for self-healing energy into all experiences.  I highly recommend her meditation and healing events for anyone seeking a deeper experience of self in divine love!"

 - Michelle Crenshaw

 Los Angeles, CA

"Margey has the natural gift of being a beautiful channel of the Reiki energy, and excels as a wonderful healer.  With her gentle spirit, she channels love and joy to calm physical, spiritual, energetic and emotional illnesses.  She listens intently to nature…..allowing nature to give her all its wonder and beauty, which she passes on to her clients through Reiki.  After a session with Margey, you can feel that healing has taken place.  Thank you, Margey!"

 - Bets Danko – PA

"Thank you, Margey, for all the energy work you did on  me!  The headache was very mild all evening and I slept GREAT …. And I haven’t been sleeping too well for weeks.  I need to have you do more of this for me.  Thank you for the sheer act of taking care of me, and also for gently guiding me to surrender to your care.  It is a very good and worthy thing you are taking on, a very valuable skill."


- Joanne Poyourow

 Los Angeles, CA

"Margey has a lovely voice and is really good at helping you visualize a positive experience and relax during her guided meditation. "


- Anita Abascal – Westchester, CA

"Margey was so much at peace with her healing.  

 As soon as she started working on me, I felt the energy around me changing and moving.  She started working on my head and moved down.  When she was working somewhere around my hips, I felt the anxiety I always feel bubbling up to the surface and started crying.   The pain I have been carrying for decades over being sexually molested came to the surface.  Pain I didn’t know I had.  I didn’t know why it happened or how, but I could not ignore the pain any longer, and I surrendered to the healing and let the pain go.  Once I did, I felt like a blanket of love and protection cocooning around me.


I realized that Margey can balance me physically and spiritually, and that  I cannot be balanced until I release the pain.  It is a great gift that she has.  A gift that she handles with humility; she kept saying, “I didn’t do anything, I'm just a conduit of the healing energy”. – Thank you Margey!"


- Patty R. – Culver City, CA

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